This site has been called a "Virtual Masters Course on how to be a Producer." See if you agree.

Articles here inspired a fellow producer to call our site, “A virtual masters course on how to be a producer.” Jim Staylor has been writing and producing videos for over 20 years.

Click on titles to view or download PDF versions:

How to Avoid Making Bad Video of Good Presentations
Avoid mistakes and gain tips for recording seminars, etc.

Is Your Viral Video Contagious?
Tips for putting emotion and motion into web video

How to Conduct Excellent On-Camera Interviews
Getting usable soundbites that look and sound great

How to Produce Effective Trade Show Videos
Tease or entice prospects quickly, babysit them till ready

How to Review a Video Script
Be sure the script speaks to your target audience

DVD: The Versatile Option
The advantages, possibilities, and flexibility of DVD

Scriptwriting for the Eyes and Ears
Easy for announcers to read and audiences to hear

Cracking the Competition with Continuous Learning
How video is easiest and most effective training tool

Basics of Multimedia Design & Development
Considerations for moving messages to multimedia

Decoding Encoding: A Primer on Online Media
How to optimize your web video for your audience

Scriptwriting: Lessons from School of Hard Knocks
Avoid pitfalls and improve your writing relationships

Basics of Broadcasting Your VNR
Effective video news releases get televised

Top 10 Tips to Terrific Training Tapes
Basic “how to” for creating successful training videos

10 Keys to Effective Marketing Videos
What it takes to create effective marketing videos

How to Appear Professional When Appearing on TV
The do’s and don’ts for looking good on camera

How to Be a Voiceover Pro or At Least Act Like One
Tips, tricks, and techniques from 20 years in the biz

How to Use Time-Code Log Sheets
Speed editing by being more efficient during shoots

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