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Speakers, trainers, authors, and experts of all flavors, hire us to design, develop and deliver training and marketing media. We also serve corporate HR departments, associations, and universities with video production for eLearning, educational products, webinars, conferences, etc.

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Speakers, Authors, Coaches with “Staylor-Made” media:

Jackie & Kevin Freiberg –
Harry Paul – Co-Author of Fish & Revved
Joe Phillips – Phillips Leadership (B.E.S.T. CEO Group)
Kathi Burns – Add Space to Your Life!
Michael Bruce – The World of WOW, LLC
Lisa Nirell – Energize Growth
Dave Larson – The Small Business Company
Michael E. Gerber – In the Dreaming Room
Doug Walker – Aha Performance
James Harnsburger – 59-Minute Solutions
Dr. Reid Wilson –
Linda Adams – Gordon Training International
Kim Zimmerman Florence – The Leadership Institute
Tom Ward – Majestic Consulting
Henry DeVries – New Client Marketing Institute
John Assaraf – The Spiritual Entrepreneur
Steven Stralser – Thunderbird School of Global Mgmt.
Sarano Kelley – The Game
Dr. Tim Gay – Ultimate Practice Systems
Julie Thomas – ValueVision Associates
Bill Bachrach – BAI – Bachrach Associates, Inc.
Pattie Vargas – The Vargas Group
Tom Tucker – Keller Williams Realty
Cathy Hawk – Clarity International
Dave Corbin – Performance Technology Group
Bonnie Burn – DISC Diva
Chris Stiehl – StiehlWorks
Jim Hernandez – Strategic Business Communications
Sheryl Roush – Sparkle Presentations
Dr. Steve Albrecht – Touch Training Topics
Michael Sick – CUSTOMatrix
Ken Druck – The Jenna Druck Foundation
Mary-Ellen Drummond – Polished Presentations
Eric Kaufmann – Insight Consulting
Nanci McGraw – Nanci McGraw Organization
Toni Moore – MTC Business Support Services

Staylor-Made training projects have earned such accolades as the Telly, the Gold Aurora Award and a Bronze Award in Media Excellence from the Media Communications Association International — we came in third place after Taco Bell and UPS.

As a speaker and trainer himself, Jim Staylor has facilitated train-the-trainer and guest relations programs at hotels around the country. He has presented: “10 Keys to Effective Communications,” “Have Fun at Work or You’re Fire,” “Serious Fun for Trainers,” “How to Build Your Business with Video” and many other industry related topics. He is the writer, producer, and host of the instructional DVD, “How to Keep Your DO-IT-YOURSELF VIDEO From Looking Like You Did It Yourself,” sold here or through

Jim Staylor attended graduate school for instructional design at San Diego State University. He has been a member of American Society for Training and Development since 1992 and was awarded the ASTD Spotlight Award (one of only 8 at the time) for contributions to the industry.

Join our list of clients and win some awards. Have your projects “Staylor-Made.”


  • Advanced Communication Training
  • American Society for Training & Development
  • Aquarius Training Systems
  • Archipelago Productions
  • Aseltine School
  • Bachrach & Associates
  • Blanchard Training and Development
  • Bonnie Burn Training
  • Bridge 21 – QuickBooks Training
  • California Department of Corrections
  • Calif. Peace Officer Standards & Training
  • California State University Fullerton
  • Catalyst Solutions, LLC
  • Chance Bateman, Inc.
  • CityGate Associates
  • Clarity Learning Solutions
  • Clarity International
  • Community Matters
  • Covenant Studios
  • Dawn Sign
  • Dianne Gardner, Ph.D.
  • Dynamus International
  • Edmund Otis & Associates
  • Emergency WORLD
  • Excellerated Learning Institute
  • Family Effectiveness Training
  • Federal Defenders Association
  • Fire Protection Publications
  • Gordon Training International
  • Harcourt Publishing
  • High Performance Learning
  • Institute for Criminal Defense Advocacy
  • Jossey-Bass
  • Jostens Learning Corporation
  • Magical Presentations
  • Mark Whitney – America’s Funniest Family Man
  • MBA-In-A-Day – Dr. Stephen Stralser
  • Moore Telecommunications
  • National Speakers Association
  • New Client Marketing Institute
  • New Leaders Institute
  • Newton Learning
  • Now Communicate
  • Optimum Training Systems
  • Outcome Bound
  • Polished Presentations – Mary Ellen Drummond
  • Professional Women’s Toastmasters
  • Primedia
  • Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church
  • Random House Publishers, Inc.
  • Riverside Unified School District
  • Riverside Young People’s Theatre
  • Robbins Research International
  • Saint Michael’s School
  • Sparkle Presentations – Sheryl Roush
  • StiehWorks Consulting
  • Strategic Business Communications
  • Super Achievers Seminars
  • Surfrider Magazine
  • Susie Fields & Associates
  • Tactical Response Systems
  • The Center for Excellence – Sarano Kelley
  • The Duncan Group
  • The Lightspan Partnership
  • The Linco Group
  • The Small Business Company
  • The Small Business Resource Center
  • TMW Media Group
  • Toastmasters International
  • Toastmasters University
  • Value Vision Associates
  • UCSD – Department of Psychiatry

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