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Sony, HP, JVC, and Toshiba have benefited from Staylor-Made services. We work with high-tech, electronics, telecom, computer hardware and software companies – from start ups to well-established multinational corporations.

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Clients use “Staylor-Made” media to grab and hold the attention of key audiences to launch new products, train their sales force, build customer relationships and more. For our high-tech clients, Staylor-Made Communications has earned: Telly Awards, The Communicator Award, and the AMY Award for Video of the Year from American Marketing Association.


  • Air-Trak
  • BAE Systems
  • Beckman Instruments
  • Carl Zeiss Vision
  • COM2001
  • Compton’s NewMedia
  • Cyberforce International
  • DataWorks
  • Defense Web
  • Delta Design
  • Digital Imaging Conference
  • DigitalStyle (Netscape San Diego)
  • Document Sciences Corporation
  • E-Doc
  • Elemental Software
  • Encad
  • Epson America
  • Financial Profiles
  • Ford Motor Company Interactive
  • General Instrument
  • GERS Retail Systems
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Inabled
  • Interactive TeleFonix
  • Intuit
  • JVC – Computer Products
  • JVC America (TV monitors)
  • Moore Telecommunications
  • NCR
  • NRaD
  • Ohmeda
  • Philibus Learning Systems
  • Projector Doctor
  • Quality Systems Integrated Corp.
  • Qualcomm
  • Rigaku
  • RoboDesign
  • SeaWest WindPower
  • SEGA
  • Sensormatic
  • Sign-On San Diego
  • Sony Electronics
  • Streamload
  • Toshiba of America
  • Universal Instruments
  • Wireless Life Sciences Alliance
  • WorldxChange Communications
  • Z Microsystems


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